How to network while socially distanced

A typical networking event would be an enjoyable prospect. Pack up your team and some demos, fly to a nice city, meet some partners, meet some vendors, fly home, and PROFIT.

Now, in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, networking in 2020 has become a very different place. No exciting events, no free swag, and how do I even find the right background for my webcam?!?

Many see this as a time of frustration with businesses becoming more isolated than ever but with the right approach you can come out with this period with new contacts, new opportunities, and a brighter future.

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Setting a marketing ethics guideline for your business

There has been a ton of pressure on businesses and brands in 2020 to serve as moral arbiters this year. Or for brands to at least take the appearance of having a moral stance on issues.

Plenty of brands began pushing away from Facebook because of the “site’s failure to stop the spread of hate,” according to CNN. It definitely has, y’know, nothing to do with the fact that returns on Facebook’s advertising platform have been plummeting during a pandemic and a recession that’s rapidly snowballing into a depression, I’m sure.

My argument to businesses: make a marketing ethics guideline. Before you desperately need it. Then, here’s a thought….actually follow through on it. Continue reading “Setting a marketing ethics guideline for your business”

How to Design and Structure an Esports Website

Why the need for an Esports Website?

Every business needs a website. If you want your esports organization to be financially successful, you have to start treating your esport organization as a business rather than a hobby. So I want to breakdown how your esports website can look and give you examples of great websites within the esports industry. Continue reading “How to Design and Structure an Esports Website”

The Pros and Cons of Franchising Esport Leagues

According to Cody Luongo at Esports Insider, “Franchising promises longevity and a sustainable ecosystem for esports to snowball in, providing a structure professional gaming was formerly unequipped with.” As with any scenario, there are pros and cons. This article explores some of the pros and cons of esport leagues switching to a franchised format. Continue reading “The Pros and Cons of Franchising Esport Leagues”

Esports Organizations + Content Creators

100 Thieves welcomed CouRageJD to its content creator team
100 Thieves announce CouRageJD to join its content creator team.

Have you ever noticed that esport organizations sign players that do not play on their esport rosters? For example, 2019 Content Creator of the Year finalist Jack “CouRage” Dunlop does not play on a professional roster for 100 Thieves. However, as of May 28th, 2019, 100 Thieves welcomed CouRageJD to its content creator team. So, why would an organization like 100 Thieves want to sign someone that will never win them a League of Legends World Championship? Continue reading “Esports Organizations + Content Creators”

Indie game video basics for teasers, trailers and gifs

One of the most powerful assets in video game marketing is the use of videos. Seems intuitive, no? It’s in the freaking name of the hobby.

Here’s how to put the video back into video games for your marketing efforts.

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