Jobs Update – April 27th 2017

Survivalism Jobs

If helping people prepare for the wilderness and the unknowable future is exciting for you, check out the Survivalism Jobs on the Exothermic job board.

This week, we’ve highlighted jobs from The North Face in Alameda, California. The North Face is an outdoor product company that specializes in outerwear, footwear and equipment like backpacks, tents and sleeping bags. They’re seeking a Social Media Coordinator, a Senior Brand Management Director and a Junior Copywriter. Continue reading “Jobs Update – April 27th 2017”

SEO doesn’t have to be complicated

Search engine optimization (SEO) has had a mixed rap for many years now. Several people claim to be SEO experts while failing to effectively help sites boost their search rankings. On the flip side, small business owners have been intimidated by the a lack of HTML and technical knowledge in order to utilize the basics of SEO.

There’s also a fear of messing things up and Google (or other search engines, like Bing or Baidu) “punishing” your site.

But truth be told, for most businesses…experts aren’t needed here. If you’re a small business owner with a small team running the majority of your operations, there’s a simple way to manage SEO. Continue reading “SEO doesn’t have to be complicated”

What’s the most important digital marketing channel for brands?

Your website.

I’m tempted to just end this article here…but I guess I’ll explain why.

Owning vs. Renting

As a business owner or a marketing team, you want to spend more time on the properties you own versus the ones that you rent.

You own your website. At no point will the Internet say to you, “You can’t do this on your site” or “The permissions on your site have changed” or “We are not going to promote content from you as regularly.”

SEO algorithms may change, which may affect your traffic and your rankings in subtle way. But for the most part – you own this property. An entity telling you what you can and can’t do here is limited. Continue reading “What’s the most important digital marketing channel for brands?”

News Update – April 21st 2017

Exothermic is the leader in self-reliance brand marketing, but we like to share our wisdom with the world. Here are the top stories we’ve identified this week in our markets:


  • This garden house grows enough food for three generations of one family, Vietnamese firm Vo Trong Nhia Architects are no strangers to bringing green space indoors, but their new Binh House can actually grow enough food for three generations of one large family.
  • Here’s What Our Food Might Look Like in a Climate Change-Induced Dystopia, Food scientists are already looking to some dramatic-sounding
    Image: Photograph by Heami Lee, food styling by C.C. Buckely, prop styling by Rebecca Bartoshesky, Art Direction by Allie Wist.

    options, from bugs to lab-grown meat to large fish farms, in order to feed a world whose population could approach ten billion humans by 2050. Combined with climate change, the food of the distant future may look very different.

  • How Western civilisation could collapse, Some possible precipitating factors are already in place. How the West reacts to them will determine the world’s future, says Rachel Nuwer.
  • The Survivalist Trailer Shows Why There’s No Such Thing as a Peaceful Post-ApocalypseThe Survivalist is the feature debut of writer-director Stephen Fingleton, and if the trailer’s anything to go by, it looks to be a visually stunning and creepily intimate take on the wilderness-dystopia tale. Everybody wants something, everybody needs something, and they’re willing to do just about anything to get it. And who needs a lot of dialogue when you’ve got a stockpile of weapons?
  • Salt Makes You Hungry, Not Thirsty, Study Says, “In a study carried out during a simulated mission to Mars, an international group of scientists has found exactly the opposite to be true. ‘Cosmonauts’ who ate more salt retained more water, weren’t as thirsty, and needed more energy.” So if you don’t want to gain weight on your trip to Mars, don’t eat salty chips. If you don’t want to gain weight at home, maybe you should stay away from them as well.
  • Swinging robot inspired by sloths could help future farmers, Could Robots could help us ramp up food production? Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) scientists believe so. They designed Tarzan, a robot inspired by swinging sloths, that could help future farmers more effectively monitor their crops.

Continue reading “News Update – April 21st 2017”

Jobs Update – April 20th 2017

Survivalism Jobs

If helping people prepare for the wilderness and the unknowable future is exciting for you, check out the Survivalism Jobs on the Exothermic job board.

This week, we’ve highlighted jobs from Patagonia in Ventura, California. Patagonia is a long-standing outdoor apparel brand founded in 1973. They’re in the survivalism space but the mainly offer sustainable outdoor clothing. They’re looking for a Marketing Operations Manager, Development Manager, an Agile Project Manager and more.  Continue reading “Jobs Update – April 20th 2017”

Set your business goals before your marketing goals

I am consistently asked by business owners, “Should I make a Facebook page?” or “What keywords should I use for my SEO?” or “If I want to increase sales, what ads should I spend money on?”

My most consistent answer: I don’t know.

With a follow-up question: What are your business goals?

If your marketing tactics aren’t flowing up to your marketing strategy and if your marketing strategy isn’t flowing up to your business goals and strategy, that Facebook page is going to be a complete waste of time. Continue reading “Set your business goals before your marketing goals”

What is Gamification?

In 2012, I wrote an article on Gamasutra, one of the leading game industry news sites, about gamification – “Gamification: the Misunderstood Dirty Word

Surprisingly, it still holds up. Half a decade later, here’s the overview along with a few recent revisions.

Gamification – what is it?

Gamification is still pretty misunderstood.

“Gamification” is, in essence, the process of using game mechanics and game design to enhance things that aren’t games.

In the marketing and startup world, this concept is being heavily embraced and making a lot of people a lot of money right now, whether they have experience in game design and deserve that money or not. Similar to the buzzword of social media, the true experts at social media are the people who were experts at communication and social mechanics that took their knowledge and applied it to online networks. Continue reading “What is Gamification?”

News Update – April 14th 2017

Exothermic is the leader in self-reliance brand marketing, but we like to share our wisdom with the world. Here are the top stories we’ve identified this week in our markets:


  • Survivalist expos are drawing thousands, Companies that make bulk emergency supplies, like ready-made meals and water purifiers, have seen an uptick in sales. Prepper conventions are drawing thousands of people, and the American Preppers Network says membership increased to 40,000 this year, the highest it has ever been.
  • American Farmers Are Still Fighting Tractor Software Locks, Manufacturers lock consumers into restrictive “user agreements,” and inside “there’s things like you won’t open the case, you won’t repair,” complains a U.S. advocacy group called The Repair Association. But now the issue is getting some more attention in the American press.
  • Texas plans to designate official state gun along with other weapons, The cannon could become the next Texas symbol in state known for lax gun control laws, as lawmakers also consider selecting a state handgun and state knife.
  • Kovea’s electric induction camping stove lightens the camping load by ditching propane, The best part of cooking in the woods with a camp stove is arguably whipping up some delicious bacon and Dutch pancakes. The worst part? Dragging along throngs of cumbersome propane canisters. the outdoor gear company Kovea has come up with a solution to the problem: a portable electric induction cooker.
  • Liberals joining survivalist ranks in age of Trump,Survivalism — the stockpiling of food and otherwise preparing for a possible end of civilization — is often associated with isolated, rural and conservative Americans. But liberals are now joining the movement in growing numbers, especially wealthy residents of Silicon Valley, thanks to fears fueled by Donald Trump’s election in November.

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5 Simple Ways to Become More Self-Reliant

At Exothermic, we define self reliance as a lifestyle where you can identify what you’re relying on and make changes where you see fit. Want to be a more self-reliant individual? Here’s five ideas to taking those steps forward.

Acknowledge what you rely on in life

Not everything you rely on is a negative thing, nor can any person become entirely self-reliant in every aspect of their life. We live in a global economy and we’re just human beings – we have vices and needs. Continue reading “5 Simple Ways to Become More Self-Reliant”

The importance of focusing and starting small

There’s a ton of articles out there already on how to motivate yourself to achieve your goals and do all of the things. They can totally help you more than I can. But one of the biggest things I support, personally and professionally, is the importance of focusing on one thing and starting small with anything you’re working on.

Small goals

Mind mapping is an exercise I wholeheartedly recommend. It allows you to zoom out and think about your life, what you want to accomplish, your big picture goals.

That same exercise can work for your business. Just the act of drawing out circles with lots of smaller circles – hey, it helps.

But it can also be terrifically overwhelming. Trying to figure out what you want to accomplish can make you start questioning your priorities and where you are now. Same thing for new year’s resolutions, if you’ve ever been stumped there. What do you want to accomplish?

What I recommend is starting small. Very small. Continue reading “The importance of focusing and starting small”