Jobs Update – April 6th 2017

Survivalism Jobs

If helping people prepare for the wilderness and the unknowable future is exciting for you, check out the Survivalism Jobs on the Exothermic job board.

This week, we’ve highlighted jobs from REI in Kent, Washington. REI is a a co-op born in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest in 1938 – their goal is to help people have amazing experiences outside. They’re looking for a Manager of e-Commerce Programs, a Director of Talent Management, an Editor of Product Content, a General Accountant and more. Continue reading “Jobs Update – April 6th 2017”

What is self-reliance?

For months, we have been casually polling people – what do they think the term “self-reliance” means?

The formal vs informal definition

The dictionary defines it as “reliance on one’s own powers and resources rather than those of others,” which, you know…isn’t vague at all.

Personally, we define it more in terms of enabling independence. Self-reliance is a difficult thing to pin down because of the fluid nature of our own abilities and how others impact us, directly or indirectly through the resources and commodities we consume.

So at Exothermic, we view it as a lifestyle. A lifestyle fueled by several different forms of motivation, but still a lifestyle. It’s being able to step back, identify what you’re relying on, understanding the good and the bad, and then making steps – large or small ones – to becoming a more independent, self-reliant individual. Continue reading “What is self-reliance?”