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Introducing Eco Gaming

We’re doing a thing!

Introducing, a news site with one goal: help gamers minimize their waste, one carbon footprint at a time.

Our goal with Eco Gaming is to provide gamers with information about relevant industry news, assessment of eco-friendly gaming hardware, advice for lessening waste that’s conducive to a gaming lifestyle, and (hopefully) does all of that without sounding preachy af.

We’re here to help, not judge. You do you with the info we provide.

But why?

Basically, I’ve been wanting to bring the games industry world and the sustainability world together for ages and never found great opportunities to do so.

Alex, my husband, was looking into buying a new computer mouse a few weeks ago and I basically said hold up, think it’s possible to find a sustainable computer mouse option? And I couldn’t find anything.


So. I asked some of the people who help out with Exothermic if they might be interested in contributing. And Asa started us with our first computer hardware overview (for mice!) and Arthur started us with our first company overview (Logitech is doing a lot of good stuff!)

We’re starting Eco Gaming with sustainable computer hardware options initially and will expand into other areas, like game reviews, later on once we figure out what that looks like.

It’s a lot easier to make recommendations for things that are more sustainable rather than say “hey, play this game because it consumes less data” or “hey, play that game because it has an environmentally friendly message.”

How can I help?

Just check out the site! Sign up for the email list if you’d like to get biweekly updates. Give us feedback on the content. Anything and all is welcome right now.

We’re going to test this through Q4 2020 to see if there is an audience here interested in more sustainable gaming options.