We are bad at these things

When it comes to our Services, here are things we are not awesome at doing:

  • Retargeting
    • We feel like this is a sketchy marketing practice – it might be effective, but it feels like an invasion of privacy to us as consumers and as marketers. We do not help run Retargeting campaigns.
  • E-mail List Purchasing
    • The tactic of purchasing lists of e-mail addresses for specific target markets through sites like The List and Exact Data is technically legally – but also technically quite gross. It’s the act of purchasing e-mail addresses for people who have not opted in to receive your marketing messages and we do support this practice.

When it comes to our Partners, here are brands we aren’t awesome at helping:

  • Huge, global companies
    • We’re a small shop based primarily on the East Coast in the US – if you have a company spanning multiple time-zones and countries, we probably can’t help you effectively.
  • Game companies who don’t track their bottom line
    • There has to be a balance between having/making fun products and making money. We can help you have the hard conversations about running your studio as a business but we can only take you so far.
  • Companies with a history of using sex to sell
    • This is woman founded and owned agency, unlike most of the other marketing agencies on Earth. We are not fans of brands like GoDaddy and Hardee’s (along with countless others) that portray people as sexual objects. This has historically been a problem in the game industry and we would like to do what we can to fix it rather than perpetuate it.