A boutique marketing agency that works with
video game & sustainable e-commerce businesses

"We look to Exothermic for more than just marketing. Exothermic provides us with marketing advice, but also strategy and understanding of our own mission and objectives within the games industry."

Serving Gamers & hippies since 2016

Our sweet spot is working with games-adjacent businesses like self-publishing indie developers, XR studios and providers of professional services within the games industry.

We also work with e-commerce companies, primarily those in the sustainability space. We’re a delightful bunch of hippie gamers and we love working with businesses in both industries.

That being said, there are also things we do not do. Plenty of agencies try to do everything and it makes them really good at nothing. We know and respect our limits.

Our Services Include

Marketing strategy

Whether you're B2B or B2C, we can help you reach your audience in the most effective (and affordable) way possible. We'll also help you set and measure goals because without 'em, what's the point?

Content coordination

A lot of marketing is cat herding. We're really good at cat herding between multiple parties, internally and externally. We also track metrics on every channel we touch - if you don't measure it, you can't improve it.

Content creation

Don't have many cats to herd? We'll help generate the content, then. Content can mean things like social media posts, emails, one-pagers, website copy - you name it, we can help.

Paid ad campaigns

We've got plenty of experience in managing paid ad campaigns across the digital ad duopoly (Facebook and Google) along with more games-specific channels.

Channel support

Need help maintaining your social channels? Your blog? Your emails? Your Twitch stream? We'll work with your team to create a plan and stay on top of languishing marketing channels. Let's get that blog you started 3 years ago back in action!

Vendor coordination

We do not do PR outreach, trade-show management or Discord community management but we know some good folks who do and we're happy to assist in those relationships.

"Exothermic has been great about filling in the gaps on our team. One of my favorite services is putting metrics on our marketing spends to make sure we are getting a good return. They bring a lot of knowledge and experience, which is critical for a start-up."

Want to talk?

We're fluent in email, Slack, Discord, SMS, Google Meet, Zoom and more. Just no faxes, please.