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100 Thieves welcomed CouRageJD to its content creator team
100 Thieves announce CouRageJD to join its content creator team.

Have you ever noticed that esport organizations sign players that do not play on their esport rosters? For example, 2019 Content Creator of the Year finalist Jack “CouRage” Dunlop does not play on a professional roster for 100 Thieves. However, as of May 28th, 2019, 100 Thieves welcomed CouRageJD to its content creator team. So, why would an organization like 100 Thieves want to sign someone that will never win them a League of Legends World Championship?

Why would an Esports Organization sign a Content Creator?

Team Solomid and Geico
Team Solomid announces a partnership with Geico.

The answer to the question above is simple: exposure. Esports organizations can leverage exposure to gain sponsorships. For example, Team Solomid can gain support from companies such as Geico and Grubhub due to the exposure that TSM_Myth brings with his 2 million+ Twitter followers. It would be much more difficult to convince companies to sponsor esport organizations that have small followings. This exposure benefits the esport organization’s sponsors, as well as promotes the esport organization’s merchandise sales. Sponsorships and merchandise are two of the three leading revenue streams for esports going forward in 2020.

TSM announce MacieJay joins content creator team.
TSM announce MacieJay joins the content creator team.

Another reason an esport organization might sign a Content Creator is to gain fandom for their esport roster. For example, on February 7th TSM announced that they had signed the largest streamer in Rainbow Six: Siege, MacieJay. This partnership not only brought TSM’s sponsors more exposure in the scene, but fans of MacieJay were now prone to support TSM’s Pro League roster. So how do Content Creators benefit from signing with an esport organization?

Why would a Content Creator want to sign with an Esports Organization?

Depending on the contract, Content Creators can significantly benefit from signing with an esport organization. One advantage of partnering with an esport organization could be having a steady income. For example, a YouTube Content Creator’s compensation fluctuates depending on how many views their videos receive. This instability makes it extremely difficult to budget finances. However, if an organization is willing to pay you $X per month, your financial life becomes less stressful.


Beaulo Keychain
Beaulo Keychain
Hamlinz Piggy Dad Hat
Hamlinz Piggy Dad Hat

Another reason a Content Creator might want to sign with an esports organization is for merchandise. Sticking with the TSM organization, Content Creators have their own merchandise sold on the TSM website. You can purchase a Beaulo keychain or a Hamlinz Piggy Dad Hat, among other merchandise.


While signing streamers and YouTube Content Creators will not win a championship for an esport organization, the relationship can be beneficial to both parties. The esport organization gains exposure, and the Content Creator earns financial stability. Hiring a Content Creator is like hiring a dedicated influencer for the esport organization and its sponsors.


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