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Jobs Update – June 1st 2017

Survivalism Jobs

If helping people prepare for the wilderness and the unknowable future is exciting for you, check out the Survivalism Jobs on the Exothermic job board.

This week, we’ve highlighted jobs from Bass Pro Shops, one of the leading outdoors companies in the US. Founded in 1972, a majority of the job listings are for their Springfield, Missouri office and also include roles for the White River Marine Group, the largest manufacturer of boats in the world (by volume). They’re seeking a Senior Copywriter, a Merchandising Assistant for Product Development, a Human Resources Manager and a Stock Photo Database Coordinator.

Self-Improvement Jobs

Want to help people improve themselves? We’ve got some companies to check out, especially in the meditation and self development space.

This week, we’ve highlighted jobs from Headspace, a company founded in 2010 that was originally a meditation events company and has evolved into the world’s most popular meditation app. They’re seeking a Science Communications Lead, an Associate Writer, and a Payroll Analyst for their Santa Monica, California office – but they’re also hiring a DevOps Engineer for their San Francisco, California location.

Sustainability Jobs

Having a hard time this week with environmental news in the US? Consider opportunities in the sustainability space to make a difference every day in your career.

This week we’ve highlighted jobs from Environment America, an advocacy group that tackles tough environmental problems like fracking and climate change. They have offices in 29 states and members in all 50. They’re hiring a Communications Officer and a Clean Water Advocate in Washington, D.C. and a Digital Campaigner in Denver, Colorado.

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