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100 Thieves welcomed CouRageJD to its content creator team
100 Thieves announce CouRageJD to join its content creator team.

Have you ever noticed that esport organizations sign players that do not play on their esport rosters? For example, 2019 Content Creator of the Year finalist Jack “CouRage” Dunlop does not play on a professional roster for 100 Thieves. However, as of May 28th, 2019, 100 Thieves welcomed CouRageJD to its content creator team. So, why would an organization like 100 Thieves want to sign someone that will never win them a League of Legends World Championship? Continue reading “Esports Organizations + Content Creators”

Influencer marketing in video games

What is Influencer Marketing?

I recently went on my Bachelor trip. When we stopped to get gas, one of my groomsmen (Grubbs) came out of the gas station holding a Coconut-Berry Red Bull. To everyone else, Grubbs was getting a random drink. However, I happen to know that Grubbs is a massive consumer of live-streams. The largest streamer is Ninja and Red Bull is a sponsor of Ninja.  I also happen to know that Ninja’s “favorite” flavor of Red Bull is none other than Coconut-Berry. Coincidence, or something more? When I asked Grubbs about it he said: “I don’t even really like coconut but I started liking it probably just because he did.” Continue reading “Influencer marketing in video games”