Best practices for website forms in 2017

So we’ve talked about the importance of adding forms to your site but doing them well is a whole ‘nother story. Here are some tips on the best practices for your site’s forms in 2017.

Keep it simple

Fewer, specific questions are better. It’s easy to want to ask people all of the things beforehand but think about your own experiences – are you likely to fill out a form that asks for too many things?

No. You’re going to click away or be perturbed that this company wants so much information from you, like your email address and phone number and social security number and blood type. Continue reading “Best practices for website forms in 2017”

Your website forms matter

For a small business and sometimes even really large businesses, forms are an afterthought or overlooked.

Web forms, however, are one of the most important components of your website. They are the vessel for which people can get information to you, whether it’s about a purchase or a question or anything in between. It’s a simpler method of communication that’s often overlooked.

But it shouldn’t be. Continue reading “Your website forms matter”

SEO doesn’t have to be complicated

Search engine optimization (SEO) has had a mixed rap for many years now. Several people claim to be SEO experts while failing to effectively help sites boost their search rankings. On the flip side, small business owners have been intimidated by the a lack of HTML and technical knowledge in order to utilize the basics of SEO.

There’s also a fear of messing things up and Google (or other search engines, like Bing or Baidu) “punishing” your site.

But truth be told, for most businesses…experts aren’t needed here. If you’re a small business owner with a small team running the majority of your operations, there’s a simple way to manage SEO. Continue reading “SEO doesn’t have to be complicated”

What’s the most important digital marketing channel for brands?

Your website.

I’m tempted to just end this article here…but I guess I’ll explain why.

Owning vs. Renting

As a business owner or a marketing team, you want to spend more time on the properties you own versus the ones that you rent.

You own your website. At no point will the Internet say to you, “You can’t do this on your site” or “The permissions on your site have changed” or “We are not going to promote content from you as regularly.”

SEO algorithms may change, which may affect your traffic and your rankings in subtle way. But for the most part – you own this property. An entity telling you what you can and can’t do here is limited. Continue reading “What’s the most important digital marketing channel for brands?”