Why we don’t support list purchasing

As a marketing agency, our primary goal at Exothermic is to help spread the word for our partners who pay us money to do so. We are a business and we are impacted by our bottom line.

But our mission is to provide marketing for organizations that, at the end of the day, better people’s lives. Organizations that enable self-reliance.

Some marketing is unethical and even borders on the line of being illegal. In order to stick with our goal of bettering people’s lives and do work that helps us and others sleep better at night, there are marketing tactics we refuse to engage in.

Retargeting is one of them because at the end of the day, it may be a very effective marketing tactic but it is eroding a brand’s image within the self-reliance space.

Another tactic is list purchasing. Continue reading “Why we don’t support list purchasing”